Small businesses are be backbone of this country’s economy and main driver of the economic growth, If we are to make an impact on the job creation, South Africans especially youth need information, mentoring and support to start and grow own businesses.


In doing so, among services we offer is:

• Business Registration + B-BBEE @R290

• Company Profile design

• Business Plan 

• Logo Design

• Corporate Branding



Get a website to showcase you online yo can also add your portfolio for people to see your recent work.

Email addresses personalized to your Small company name are very effective to put you right on the map of legitimacy and professionalism.

We create very professional websites flexible with every screen type from computer screen through tablet to smart or cellphone screen size.

We offer comprehensive assist and mentoring to startup business because we understand the pressure of starrtig a business especially from the ground thus we are here to help. Contact Us.


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