Siyasizana Capital Kickstart Funding
Siyasizana Funding

Siyasizana Capital Kickstart Funding

Although government has made reiterate statements that “Small business is backbone of our economy”, very little if nothing is done by government and by other arms of state to support those small businesses especially operating in the informal economy.


Government agencies (like NYDA, SEFA, DTI etc) have dismally failed in fulfilling their given mandate in helping deserving previously disadvantage citizen in the informal sector to access financial support and other aid to start their small businesses.  Political interference, mismanagement, corruption etc are some of reasons these agencies fail to deliver.


Siyasizana Capital Kickstart Funding is a scheme formed by members themselves using stokvel-mode. Financial contributions by members and other donations are shared within participating members to finance their own business ideas. Those deserving members must meet certain requirements and assisted with a low-interest loan so the scheme would be stable and help other participating members


How it works

  • Joining fee to be a member is R350.
  • Any further contribution by members is paid back with a 30 days 10%.
  • Participating member must be currently unemployed
  • The business idea must be legit and demonstrate to create employment
  • Network business, forex trading not allowed


How to join?

Fill a Quick Entry form on this website then select option “Kickstart Funding”. A consultant will contact you to further assist with your joining request.


“When leaders fail to lead, people take charge and leaders then have to follow” Kofi Annan (Former UN Secretary General).

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